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How to Check for Air Leaks

How to Check for Air Leaks

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A snug, tight house is an energy-efficient one. Houses with gaps and cracks that allow the influx of outside air cost more to heat in the colder months and more to cool in the warmer months. Fogel services provide heating and cooling units that are energy efficient, but a house needs to have any leaks stopped up to fully take advantage of this.

Inspecting for Air Leaks

First, try a home pressure test; this works by sucking outside air into the home, thereby revealing air leaks. To inspect windows and openings, start by sealing the house. To do this, lock all doors, skylights, and windows; close all vents and dampers; then turn on every bath and kitchen exhaust fan. Take a lit stick of incense and pass it along each of the potential problem openings: doors, windows, outlets, and fireplaces. Watch the flame for bending, which indicates air rushing inside.

Pinpointing Problems with Windows

Water can seep into windows that are closed through gaps and then rot in the frames, causing a deterioration of caulking and closures that you find won't fully close. A thorough inspection of windows for gaps starts by giving them a little shake. Rattling indicates that frames are not fully secure, so altered air can leak out while rain is permitted to seep in. Some nails into the framing and a bit of caulk will fix this problem. Look for spots where you can see the outside from around, not just through, the window. Weather stripping and caulk will remedy these gaps.

Door Inspecting for Potential Leaks

Here, too, make sure that you cannot see the outside in the space around the door. Check weather stripping for gaps and peels. Swing the door: do the hinges fit tightly? Close it firmly: does the door fit securely within its threshold? Adjustments to the frame may be necessary, or new weather stripping and a bit of caulk, to remedy these problems if they are discovered.
Heating and cooling are necessities to live in a comfortable home. To save on energy costs, and to be environmentally conscious about energy usage, make sure your home is snug and tight, permitting air to enter and exit only in those places where it is meant to. Go to Fogel Services to see a wide variety of services and products for a comfortable, cozy home.