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Which Indoor Plants Could Naturally Improve My Air Quality?

Which Indoor Plants Could Naturally Improve My Air Quality?

We know how scary it could be to take on caring for a plant indoors. Not all of us have been lucky enough to gain a green thumb and grow plants anywhere. Here are some plants that are easy to grow indoors that can assist with your indoor air quality.

Some require more space than others, keep this in mind when looking for which ones to add to your home. Another thing to keep in mind is of your pets. Not all plants are safe near animals or children. Stay aware of what you place on the floor and within reach of pets and children.

Spider Plant

Strange enough, this plant is also known as the airplane plant, St. Bernard’s Lily, Spider Ivy, Ribbon Plant, and also hen and chickens. Even though it’s native to southern Africa, this plant is an easy to grow houseplant. This plant removes the pollutants formaldehyde and xylene from the air you’re breathing.

Aloe Vera

This plant is a succulent, grown typically in tropical climates. It’s found in lotion, cosmetics, and assists with ointments for burns. This plant also removes the pollutant formaldehyde from the air in your home.

Weeping Fig

This is a tree and in the wild, can reach around 98ft tall. In your home, it will require some space in a corner. It’s very tolerant to poor conditions, which means inside your home, it’ll do just fine. This plant will suck up nearby benzene and formaldehyde from the carpet and furniture it’s near.

African Violets

Common to Tanzania, this plant has become a common indoor and outdoor plant for homes. This flower can help increase the flow of oxygen in your brain, which helps you relax.

Rubber Plant

This plant/tree has become one of the more popular homeowner friendly plants. The rubber plant aka ficus elastica has been shown to kill off formaldehyde in the air. These plants grow the most in late spring and summer when cared for.

Golden Pothos

This plant has a nickname. The devil’s ivy, why? Because it’s impervious to death. If you absolutely can not do house plants, but really want to, this is your plant. It can be grown by hanging in a basket or used as a potted plant on a desk. This plant has been shown to remove carbon monoxide, benzene, and formaldehyde from your indoor air.

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These plants would make a great addition to your home, however, they do not clear the air entirely. While they do a great job at eliminating some of the toxins in the air, we provide an air quality service right here in Ladson and Myrtle Beach.

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