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Top 3 Home Improvements You Could Use This Winter

Top 3 Home Improvements You Could Use This Winter

Which home improvements deliver the biggest bang for your buck during the year’s coldest months?

Home improvements make you happier with your property. They also have the potential to lower your bills and boost your home’s value. Take a look at the best projects to start before winter sets in. You’ll need to work with a professional to get the maximum benefits available, so it’s worth getting started now while you have enough time to schedule the right business.

Here are 3 winter improvements that are well worth the investment:

  1. Go tankless! Upgrade your home’s water heater. If your home uses a traditional water heater, the costs of energy waste could be adding up! A tankless heater could be the energy efficient way to cut your bills while enjoying as much hot water as you need. By not paying to store heated water and instead heating water as you need it, you could experience rather large savings. A long-lasting way to improve your home, tankless water heaters are a valuable improvement to every home!
  2. Add a humidifying element to your HVAC system. Whether you’re using a heat pump, a boiler or a furnace, adding a humidifier to your home will increase comfort and lower your bills. Just like the summer heat feels hotter when humidity soars, your indoor heat has more of an effect when there’s more moisture in the air. Why? Simply put, the air is too full to soak up your sweat, leaving you with more body heat. Adding a device that controls humidity levels by way of adding and removing water from your air will pull double duty. Once summer rolls around, you can use the dehumidifying element to make the most of your air conditioning.
  3. Install a generator for total protection from cold weather. It doesn’t matter how you trick out your heating system if your power goes out. Cold, freezing rain and high winds can cause winter blackouts, leaving you without the power you need to stay healthy and safe. Speak with a professional about adding a generator to your home capable of running your HVAC equipment, along with other fundamentals, like your fridge or your security system. Check out ultra-convenient options like those units running on natural gas or stored electricity.

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