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How Can I Prepare My Home for a Power Outage during Winter?

How Can I Prepare My Home for a Power Outage during Winter?

Invest in home improvements capable of keeping your family safe.

Most home improvements focus on looks or comfort, but they rarely improve the value of your property in the long-term. You can protect yourself against winter power outages and increase your home’s worth with the help of Fogel Services. A combination of improved insulation and an onsite generator will ensure your family stays safe during a winter blackout.

Follow these simple strategies for surviving the winter chill when your city power goes down:

Beef up your insulation.

Older homes in the Lowcountry don’t always have original insulation in the best condition. After 30 years, your R-rating begins to suffer. After 100 years? You may need a total replacement. However, time is not the only thing that matters. Pests, leakage, and wind damage can all impact the integrity of your insulation. You may also benefit from new advancements in insulation technology developed since your house was built. Updates can help your home stave off the cold and retain its warmth if your power goes out in the middle of winter.

Have a generator installed.

A generator is an energy source you keep on-site. They can be fueled several ways, from propane to diesel gasoline. Permanent units installed near your home can be wired directly into your main electrical unit, allowing you to use it for heating power. Portable units can be linked to individual appliances, but they cannot be wired into your main power line. Homeowners should decide how many appliances around the home are essentials when the power is out, and tally the total energy needed to do so, before ordering a generator.

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