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Heat Pumps Offer Efficient Heat

Heat Pumps Offer Efficient Heat

How heating and air conditioning can be provided by one device.

Heating and air conditioning is a complicated field. Many homeowners never realize all the options they have available. For those living in the Charleston area, heat pumps are an affordable alternative to furnace and AC combos. Make sure you check them out before you install new equipment.

Discover why heat pumps are perfect for homes in our area:

  • They provide the necessary warmth needed during winter. In areas with long, harsh winters, heat pumps may not be as viable of an option as locations like ours experiencing mild cold spells. The underground temperature doesn’t drop much below 55 degrees throughout the year, meaning there’s plenty of available heat for raising indoor temperatures.
  • They provide the cool air needed during summer months. It's normal for homeowners to worry about heat pumps faltering when it comes to our extreme summers. Thankfully, heat pumps can be backed by an electric unit capable of quickly cooling or heating a home when there’s not enough help from the surrounding environment.
  • Heat pumps save you a bundle. Not only do you install one system instead of two, but the small amount of fuel used can chop 60 percent off your monthly utility bills. The most efficient systems are also covered by public funds used for green initiatives, meaning you'll save from the point of purchase until your unit's last functional day.

Save big, and stay warm by choosing a heat pump for your heating and air conditioning equipment. Maximize your investment by choosing the right company for installation. Click this link or call (843) 800-4133 to schedule heating and air conditioning installation or repair today.