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Is There a Way to Cut the Heating Costs of My Business?

Is There a Way to Cut the Heating Costs of My Business?

Keep heating costs low for commercial services.

Commercial services often struggle to keep their winter bills low. They can’t adjust the thermostat as much as many homeowners can due to customer expectations and industry requirements. What they can do is hire an experienced company to ensure they’re taking advantage of all the ways to improve efficiency as possible.

Let Fogel Services show you the way to save:

Use a programmable thermostat.

While they’ve been around for decades, few businesses in the Charleston area really put their thermostats to work. Instead, they rely on manual adjustments, often locking their controls away from meddling fingers, while their employees hassle supervisors to adjust the temperature. Figure out what is comfortable for your employees, and then program the thermostat to save money by adjusting to cooler rates during off-hours. Your employees will be happier and more productive, and you’ll still be spending less.

Use humidity to your benefit.

Of all the things South Carolina is famous for, our hot, sweltering summers are probably last on your mind right now. There are lessons to be learned from Mother Nature, and you can put them to work in your business to help control winter costs. Consider adding a humidifier to your HVAC setup. Higher moisture content in the air makes you feel warmer, regardless of where you’ve set the thermostat. Just make sure your unit has moisture control settings. Letting humidity get above 60 percent is an invitation for trouble.

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