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Are Gas Furnaces Dangerous?

Are Gas Furnaces Dangerous?

Learn about the residential services you need to keep your HVAC system safe.

Scheduling seasonal residential services for your gas furnace is an easy way to keep it safe. Unfortunately, despite the relative safety of modern HVAC equipment, property owners suffer accidents every year in which a fire or explosion damages structures and people get hurt. Professional maintenance and repairs dramatically cut your chances of a furnace related incident, as do a few common sense tips.

Thoughtful Gas Furnace Resets Keep People Safe

If your furnace isn’t functioning properly, a reset may get it back up and running. Unfortunately, sometimes it isn’t for the best. Systems are created with automatic shut-offs when components become too hot or at risk for a fire. Glitches happen, but if your furnace goes down repeatedly, it’s not safe to bring it back online. If you reset your furnace only to have it go out again, turn off the gas and call in a professional.

Gas Leak? Notify Your Utility Company Immediately

Anytime you use natural gas, you’re taking on a small risk. Leaks don’t commonly develop over time, but they do happen. If you smell gas in your basement near your HVAC equipment, get everyone out of the house – pets included – and immediately call your gas company.

Fogel Services, Inc. provides heating and cooling assistance for Charleston and surrounding areas. Schedule residential services for your gas furnace with experts who care about your safety. Feeling safe when it comes to your heating and cooling needs is of the utmost importance, and we take your HVAC needs very seriously. Set up your appointment today.