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Two Signs Your Commercial Air Conditioning Compressor Needs to be Repaired or Replaced

Two Signs Your Commercial Air Conditioning Compressor Needs to be Repaired or Replaced

How do commercial services stay on top of HVAC repair?

Worried over the expense of your HVAC commercial services? Repair costs don’t have to spiral out of control just because you’re a business. You can expect your air conditioning unit to last for a decade or longer when you trust a qualified professional to perform your preventive maintenance.

The following are signs your compressor might need repairs:

1. Your air conditioner is blowing hot air.

There are a few different reasons this could happen, so it’s important to rule out other common problems.

First, check your thermostat to make sure your system is set to cool and that the temperature is set appropriately. Some Charleston homeowners turn the temperature up so high that air coming out of the vents doesn’t feel cold. Others just don’t realize where their thermostat is set.

Next, make sure there isn’t debris blocking your outdoor unit. Grass, weeds, old leaves, and plain old dirt can get trapped inside. Wash it out with your garden hose on high pressure and see if that alleviates your problem.

2. Your air conditioner won’t turn on.

First, check the electricity. Chances are good you’re suffering from fuse or breaker problems. If not, make sure the tubes running to your AC are free from debris. Blocked air can prevent your burners from lighting and staying lit.

If none of these problems relate to your AC, you may in fact be losing your compressor, the “heart” of your air conditioning system. If repair is on the horizon, make sure you’re working with the best company in the area. You’ll do best with a locally owned business with a long history and thorough training with major brands, like Carrier®, Trane, and Lennox.

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