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My Unit is Making Noise but the Fan Won't Come On. What's Wrong with It?

My Unit is Making Noise but the Fan Won't Come On. What's Wrong with It?

Learn what to do when you have concerns about your heating and air conditioning.

Heating and air conditioning concerns can interfere with your comfort and with your budget. Unfortunately, unless you’re a professional HVAC technician, it’s difficult to diagnose a problem based solely on noise. However, there are a few different problems which could lead to noise and a fan refusing to run. Some of them are surprisingly affordable to fix as well. Don’t waste any time, and call a reputable repair shop. Here’s what to listen for:

The good news is that capacitors will usually go out before a motor does, and they’re incredibly cheap to fix.

  • Loud Buzzing and No Fan: The capacitor and the motor can both cause the fan to slow or stop. The compressor, in the meantime, may attempt to kick on. This results in a loud humming sound and sometimes is accompanied by a clicking sound.
  • Grinding or Whining and No Fan: Fan motors do go out occasionally. When they do, things heat up quickly. It’s important to check to see if your fan is functional, and if not, you should shut down your unit and wait for it to be professionally serviced. Persisting in trying to get your fan motor to work puts undue stress on the heart of your air conditioning unit. You can burn out your compressor or cause additional damage when a bit of patience and the help of a pro could get you back up and running in no time.

It’s fairly simple to check how well your fan motor is working. Simply give it a shove. If it freely turns, you’re probably dealing with a capacitor problem. If it takes a shove to get started and only moves for a little while, you’re likely dealing with a bad motor, worn bearings, or something similar that will require professional repairs.

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