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Why Should I Purchase a Maintenance Agreement Contract?

Why Should I Purchase a Maintenance Agreement Contract?

Here’s what you can expect from professional maintenance agreements for your HVAC system.

You can extend the life of your HVAC equipment, shrink your monthly bills, and prevent breakdowns with the help of maintenance agreements. Typically they ensure two inspections a year. There are plenty of benefits to maintenance agreements, making them common sense investments for any homeowner.

Priority Service

The basic role of a maintenance plan is preventive care. A technician goes over your heating equipment before winter and your cooling equipment before summer. Everything from the coils to the drain pans gets inspected for potential problems, allowing you to get repairs before they cause lapses in service.

This type of service is especially important in areas like ours, where winter weather dips below freezing and summers are so hot and muggy. Plenty of South Carolinians rely on climate control to keep them healthy and safe throughout the year.

Companies like Fogel Services go the extra mile through maintenance agreements in a few ways. First, we employ NATE-certified technicians who have the training and experience to detect trouble in the making. Second, if your system does go down during a cold chill or heat wave, as a Fogel Services maintenance agreement customer, your repairs will be completed before other callers. All by itself, this benefit can be worth the investment.

Keep Monthly Bills Low

As an additional benefit, the servicing you receive at the start of each season—filters changed, drains cleared and other basic maintenance—ensures your systems always run at top efficiency. You’ll use less energy and pay less for heating and cooling every single month of the year.

Would you like an affordable way to improve your home’s comfort while lowering your monthly bills? Learn more about the cost-saving maintenance agreements we offer at Fogel Services.