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Why is my HVAC unit making odd noises?

Why is my HVAC unit making odd noises?

How to know which heating and air conditioning problems you can safely handle on your own.

Are you capable of diagnosing heating and air conditioning problems on your own? While there's no substitution for an experienced HVAC technician, you may be able to get a head start on repairs by learning the warning signs that are common whether you have a Carrier®, Trane, Lennox, or another brand of unit.

Consider these symptoms of potential heating and air conditioning issues:


Worn or slipping motor belts can cause squealing noises. Thankfully, this is a fairly simple fix for a professional. You may not want to wait long because eventually a belt problem will cause a system to stop running.


Clicking can happen at different times during operation. When it happens at the start of a cycle and is followed by your system shutting down, it can be linked to a blockage in air flow, shot wiring, or a bad sensor. When clicking continues throughout operation, it's a sign of a potential leaking gas valve. Any time you're dealing with a potential gas leak, you want to immediately cut power to your system and call a professional.

Buzzing, Rattling, and Humming

If your system is running as expected but emitting a troublesome buzzing, rattling, or humming noise, chances are pretty good that something is loose. Make sure the compartment doors are all shut and fit tight, and check to see if transformer, burner or blower mounts need to be tightened. These are usually easy fixes you can handle with the average screwdriver once you locate the source of the problem.


Any time you hear a grinding noise, you know you have big problems. Not only are the bearings of your motor wearing down, they're presenting a risk for explosion or fire. Turn off your system and get it checked out ASAP before running it again. This is the kind of noise which may call for the replacement of your HVAC system.

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