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How to Decide Which Home Energy Upgrades to Make First

How to Decide Which Home Energy Upgrades to Make First

Some home improvements provide more impressive ROI for less.

Home improvements provide many different types of benefits to homeowners. They improve look, comfort, convenience and offer increased protection. Performed correctly, they often increase the value of your home as well. However, certain projects make more of an impact than others when considering their price. It’s important to spend your resources where they’ll make the biggest difference, making HVAC repairs and upgrades an excellent choice.

Look at the benefits you get from just a few HVAC improvements:

  • Lower your expenses with improved insulation. From the crawlspace to the attic, your Charleston home may be letting in a surprising amount of heat and cold. There are many factors which can impact the effectiveness of insulation over time. Replacing or adding to it is an easy and relatively affordable way to cut down on your heating and cooling costs.
  • Tankless water heaters are safer and more affordable, and they provide hot water whenever it’s needed. Choosing a trustworthy model and having it installed by a factory-trained technician is the key to tapping into the full benefits. These units also last longer, take up less space and qualify for more federal and community funding programs than a traditional water heater, even a highly efficient one.
  • Switching to geothermal can take a huge bite out of your monthly bills. Like a tankless water heater, a geothermal heating and cooling system is eligible for many funding programs which can greatly reduce the upfront costs. Once installed, the system relies on a small amount of electricity to aid in heat transference. Your home stays comfortable while you use as little electricity as possible. Not only that, you can combine a geothermal unit with related technology, such as radiant flooring or traditional water heating.

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