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How Do I Choose the Right Thermostat for My Building?

How Do I Choose the Right Thermostat for My Building?

Learn what to look for in companies offering commercial services.

HVAC service companies offering commercial services often have specialized equipment and tools for work in business environments. While HVAC may seem the same across the board, the models needed for offices, stores, factories and similar environments must provide for unique demands. This is just as true for smaller components, like thermostats, as it is for AC condensers or heat pumps.

Consider the traits needed for a commercial thermostat:

  • Zoned Temperature Controls: Businesses are more likely to take advantage of the higher efficiency found in zoned heating and cooling systems. These setups allow you to change the temperature of select areas within a property. This allows for setting a different temperature in the kitchen than in the office area.
  • Ventilation, Humidity and Air Filtration: Sometimes, regulation plays a role in the development of an HVAC system. This is especially true when it comes to ventilation features and other additions, like humidity and indoor air quality control. The commercial market has a wider range of these models. For best results, work with an experienced company with access to top products made by Carrier®, Trane, and other leading brands.
  • Wi-Fi and Programmable Capabilities: Today’s technology has paved the way for smart HVAC controls, allowing management to track and adjust features from any mobile device or computer. These units are also much easier to program, allowing for simplified savings at just the touch of a button.

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