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How Can I Ensure My Air Conditioning System Lasts?

How Can I Ensure My Air Conditioning System Lasts?

Learn how maintenance agreements can extend the life of HVAC equipment.

HVAC service companies offer maintenance agreements to their customers to help save on the cost of having the two preventive visits a year. Your air conditioner should be looked over in spring, and your furnace should have a once-over in the fall. This helps prevent common problems and keeps your units optimized for seasonal use, but this service also has an added benefit you may not expect.

Maintenance agreements actually extend the length of your HVAC equipment in the following ways:

Technicians can ensure you’re always using the best filters.

Many homeowners use the cheapest filters that fit their HVAC equipment. Unfortunately, there’s no law that filters have to work in order to be on the store shelf. To do any good, aim for products with MERV ratings of 5 or higher. These clear particles from the air in your system, preventing a buildup of dust and debris that will cripple it—and its ability to efficiently cool your home—over time.

Techs can keep your equipment in working condition.

Some of the wear and tear experienced throughout the year has to be cleared away for normal operation. Dirt on compressor coils, for instance, or algae growing in drain lines will cause real problems if not taken care of. A NATE-certified professional can offer lasting solutions to these issues, so you never deal with repairs a service visit could have prevented.

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