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3 Air Conditioning Maintenance Services You Can Do Yourself

3 Air Conditioning Maintenance Services You Can Do Yourself

Which home improvements can you handle on your own?

Many homeowners enjoy taking care of their own home improvements, though some jobs should really be left to the pros. Air conditioning maintenance is something anyone can do given the right training and tools. You may not be able to spot early wear or the signs of failing components, but the basic care needed to keep your AC running is fairly easy.

To keep your system in tip-top shape, follow this expert advice:

  1. Clear out your outdoor unit. Air conditioners have an outdoor unit located near your home. When this fills with debris, it can become clogged. This will prevent your air conditioner from cooling effectively, and it may keep it from turning on. Usually this is fairly simple to do; spray it out with a high-pressure garden hose attachment.
  2. Change your air filter regularly. As simple as changing a filter can be, many homeowners get it wrong. Besides finding the appropriate size, little work is put into finding the right filter for your home. It pays to pay attention to things like MERV ratings and construction type. Aim for filters with a MERV rating above 5 to remove adequate dust from the air to protect your HVAC equipment, and change them on schedule.
  3. Maintain clean and open drains. Your HVAC equipment likely has rubber drain tubing and a drain pan to deal with condensation. If these become clogged with debris, gunk, or algae, water can back up and cause serious damage to your property.

Qualified preventive maintenance can include 20 or more tasks that require specialty equipment, materials, and training but the above three issues help prevent common problems and are easy enough for most anyone to perform. If you’re looking for more protection, it may serve you well to enroll in a Charleston area service maintenance plan.

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