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What to Expect from an Emergency Repair Call This Summer

What to Expect from an Emergency Repair Call This Summer

When all else fails, call the pros sure to get your heating and air conditioning back up and running.

Heating and air conditioning equipment struggles during intense weather. If your system has any worn parts, it might break down. Chances are, this will happen at the least convenient time possible, but don’t worry. Professionals offer emergency 24-hour a day service because they know people truly need it. You won’t be putting anyone out by giving them a call.

Here’s what you can expect from an emergency repair visit:

  • First, you’ll be asked a few questions. This isn’t to gauge whether help was really needed though. It’s just to get a better idea of the problem. Your technician may look like he is doing an everyday task, but this is what good techs live for. Until you’ve fixed ACs for a living, you won’t know the pride that comes from getting someone’s cold air back up and running. That goes double for anyone working in South Carolina!
  • Second, they’ll check your thermostat and your electrical main. Most heating and cooling problems come from power or wiring problems. Thermostats fail. Breakers get tripped. Systems need to be reset. Most homeowners don’t know to check for these things themselves, but if the problems you’ve described could be related to other devices, a good tech will check them out.
  • Third, they’ll check your cooling units. Don’t worry about the state of your home. Many indoor units are in the basement or crawlspace, and those aren’t usually the most presentable areas of a house. Techs have seen it all, so don’t be embarrassed if you haven’t had a chance to clean up, and do not risk your health trying to clean in a heat wave without air conditioning. We’ll take care of everything.

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