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3 Maintenance Tasks That Ready Your HVAC for Summer

3 Maintenance Tasks That Ready Your HVAC for Summer

What do maintenance agreements really cover?

Enrolling in maintenance agreements is the easiest way to keep your home’s cooling equipment in good condition. You may change the filter once a month, but do you know the red flags warning you of failing components? How about the best way to optimize your cooling for the summer months? No? Then go to the pros.

Here are just three tasks maintenance agreements handle that are essential for top summer performance:

  1. Cleaning your condenser coil keeps air cold with the smallest amount of power possible. Homeowners can be hesitant to open up their AC and scrub parts clean, but that’s exactly what it takes to keep your air conditioner going. The condenser coil gets dirty, not due to negligence but during normal use. Cleaning it is a regular step in summer preventive service and a stalwart of any maintenance plan.
  2. Lubricating and tightening the correct components. Machines with moving parts often need oiling, but most ACs won’t need this unless parts are beginning to wear down. Components can also become loose over time and need periodic tightening. An AC specialist will know when these tasks are needed, and they’ll be able to perform them in the right way using the best tools for the job.
  3. A maintenance visit provides the perfect chance to look a system over for problems. Unless you have the experience gleaned from working with HVAC equipment every day, chances are you don’t know what signs point to developing issues. A NATE-certified technician does and can deliver the most efficient remedy for the job. This keeps your equipment reliable and cuts down the risk of breakdowns in the thick of the summer’s stickiest heatwaves.

Enroll in one of the best maintenance agreements available in all of South Carolina, and stay cool and comfortable at one of the hottest times of year by clicking this link to contact Fogel Services or call (843) 800-4133.