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What Can I Do to Make Sure My Furnace Is Working Properly?

What Can I Do to Make Sure My Furnace Is Working Properly?

It pays to invest in safety & emergency services, like seasonal inspections.

Heating and cooling repair shops provide safety & emergency services by way of seasonal inspections. While these visits go a long way to improve your system efficiency and lower your bills, they first and foremost check for potential problems. When identified, issues can be cleared up quickly and conveniently, before they cause downtime or become big risks.

Here are three ways to ensure your furnace is working its best:

  1. Schedule a seasonal maintenance visit. The best person to assess whether your furnace is functioning as expected is a professional trained in heating and cooling. Fogel Services, Inc., employs NATE-certified experts, so you can be sure excess wear will be noticed during a maintenance visit. Ideally these will be performed before your heat is needed for the season, but if you missed the date, make sure to have one done as soon as possible.
  2. Change your furnace filter regularly. A dirty filter prevents your heating equipment from performing its best. Restricted airflow can create many problems. Bloated energy costs and a furnace that quickly cycles on and off are common results, and both place unnecessary stress on your HVAC system.
  3. Learn how to set your programmable thermostat. You’ll save 5 – 15 percent of your normal utility costs by learning how to automatically adjust the settings while you’re asleep or away. You can even upgrade to a temperature control device that predicts what temperature you’ll want it to be based on your past habits.

Schedule safety & emergency services if you see any signs of a furnace problem. Though rare, gas furnaces can be the source of an explosion or fire. Much more common are system breakdowns requiring total replacement. Prevent either from happening by getting in touch with Fogel Services, Inc.