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The Real Deal on Tankless Hot Water Heater Installation

The Real Deal on Tankless Hot Water Heater Installation

Is tankless hot water heater installation worth the hype?

For a while, when tankless hot water heater installation was all the rage, there were seemingly too-good-to-be-true claims of providing endless amounts of hot water and mega-savings. That leaves us with the question - How has the hype played out in real life? The experts at Fogel Services point to the following benefits of tankless hot water heaters:

Endless Amounts of Hot Water

The biggest advantage to tankless hot water heaters is the convenience of an endless supply of hot water. A tankless unit heats water as it moves through it, providing nearly instantaneous heated water supplies that won’t stop until you turn the tap off. In contrast, a traditional system with a tank will run out of hot water after someone takes a shower or washes a load of dishes and exhausts the water reserved in the tank.

Lower Bills

According to the EPA, a tankless water heater saves more than enough energy to pay for itself before requiring replacement. Because there isn’t a tank to worry about, you also save on expenses related to repairs and leaks. In addition, a tankless unit is expected to last around 20 years, a big improvement over traditional tank systems. Finally, you’re going to save hundreds of dollars a month because you’re not spending as much heating your water now. You’ll likely cut your energy expenses by 20 – 25%.

Do you like the idea of having endless hot water? If so, contact Fogel Services today and ask about tankless hot water heater installation.