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Will I Save Money if My Home Switches to Geothermal Energy?

Will I Save Money if My Home Switches to Geothermal Energy?

Figure out the real benefits of popular HVAC home improvements.

Home improvements can make your home more comfortable, can save money over time or can make your home more valuable. Some of them do all of the above. You determine how beneficial they really are by comparing certain values before and after having the work done.

It’s fairly easy to see the savings gained by installing a geothermal heating and cooling system. Just do the following:

    Gather your energy usage rates.

    You want to be sure you’re comparing apples to apples when looking at how much you’re saving with any improvement. Unfortunately, fuel rates—even in Dorchester, Charleston, and Berkeley counties—fluctuate slightly from year to year. This means you’ll have to compare the actual amount of natural gas and electricity used to understand its total impact.

    Break down associated utility costs.

    Once you’ve figured in the differences in fuel use, see how this compares to your other costs. You’ll likely be surprised at all the new savings your green system offers. Some companies charge higher rates for electricity used at peak times, for instance, while others charge administration and waste fees based on the amount of fuel you’re burning. Combined they can save you a bundle.

    Finally, factor in expenses for repairs and maintenance.

    One of the biggest savings you’ll get from a new geothermal system is cutting back on maintenance and repairs needed by an older heating or cooling unit. Keep track of these costs from year to year to understand the total impact of green energy.

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