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Why Does my Furnace Cycle On and Off?

Why Does my Furnace Cycle On and Off?

Maintenance agreements are essential to preventing common HVAC problems, like short furnace cycling.

How can maintenance agreements be used to prevent or solve heating and cooling problems? For one, they make inspections easy. Scheduling preventive maintenance becomes part of your routine. Any repairs you need are cheaper, and you can get them scheduled right away. Plus, you get to know the technicians who service your equipment twice a year, and in the process you learn a lot about home maintenance. This includes the reason behind common problems, like a furnace that repeatedly turns off and on.

Here are two of the most common reasons your furnace is cycling on and off:

1. Your filter may be dirty.

If you’ve performed your preventive maintenance yourself, you may have forgotten the most obvious step. Change your filter. A dirty filter can prevent warm air from leaving the heating system. Once this happens, the furnace tells itself the house is hot enough and shuts down. Frustrated homeowners often turn the thermostat up in these situations, resulting in a repetitive cycle.

2. Your thermostat or temperature sensors are worn out.

Preventive maintenance checks electrical components to make sure they’re not ready to blow. Why? Because electronics and power are the most common reasons for HVAC system breakdowns. Fuses go out. Sensors go bad. Thermostats give up the ghost. Thankfully, most of these issues represent easy and affordable fixes.

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