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How Maintenance Agreements Keep You From Worrying About Repairs

How Maintenance Agreements Keep You From Worrying About Repairs

How do maintenance agreements protect your HVAC system?

Maintenance agreements help you keep your heating and air conditioning equipment reliable. The goal isn’t just to keep your bills low or help your system last as long as possible, but to keep you comfortable. Your system is most likely to break down during the season’s most extreme weather. You have a lot to lose if you haven’t made sure it’s in tip-top shape at the start of the season.

Consider the ways a preventive maintenance visit helps prevent breakdowns and major repairs:

  • Cleaning elements reduces system strain. Dirty air filters can cost a heating or air conditioning unit up to 60 percent of its efficiency. How? It makes it more difficult for conditioned air to be pushed through the HVAC system and throughout your home. Cleaning that filter, or the evaporator coils or burners or drain pain, helps to reduce resistance. Your unit won’t have to work as hard all season long, meaning it will experience less wear and components will have less chance for failure.
  • Fixing small problems prevents bigger ones. HVAC systems are often made of a jumble of tiny parts all packed in closely to a small area. Even the outdoor air conditioning unit has several pieces at work. Many pieces can be damaged if one goes out and breaks. Consider a fan blade bending under prolonged use. This can throw off the balance, damaging the nuts and bolts holding the unit in place. An unbalanced blade can damage the exterior case. It can also hurt the motor. Soon, you’re looking at a much higher repair bill than what it would have initially cost you to give the system a once over.
  • Techs will see the signs of a problem early on and give you a chance to get prepared.Preventive maintenance isn’t just scrubbing off grit and oiling the right parts, though those tasks definitely help reduce wear and tear. Our NATE-certified technicians can often detect a failure before there are any obvious signs. This allows you to schedule quick and convenient repairs before problems have a chance to disrupt your life.

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