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How Healthy Is the Air Inside My Home?

How Healthy Is the Air Inside My Home?

This is how heating and air conditioning equipment can be used to improve your health.

The air inside your home can be pretty filthy, but simple adaptations to your heating and air conditioning equipment can help. Homeowners sometimes ignore these fixes with the assumption they have good quality indoor air. Testing proves otherwise, unfortunately. According to the EPA, the air inside an average home contains two to five times more pollution than the air outside. Those are dangerous numbers when people in the Lowcountry spend up to 90 percent of their time inside every day.

Find out how dirty your indoor air really is and discover ways to help:

The CDC has identified hundreds of common indoor pollutants.

We forget how common poisons are around the house and office. From the cleaners you use to clean to the emissions coming off of building materials, we live in hostile environments. Fogel Services can introduce you to air filtering devices used for the whole home, to those used in a specific location on your property or units you can attach to your heating and cooling system. These high-powered devices are much more powerful than those you see for sale in retail stores, and surprisingly, they can be more affordable.

Humidity levels over 60 percent, or below 30 percent, cause health problems too.

No one needs to tell Carolinians about the impact of humidity. When it’s hot and wet, the temperature just feels higher. The same holds true for the opposite too—dry air feels colder. Unfortunately, as the air cools and it gets dry, it attempts to borrow moisture from your hair, skin, and soft tissues. This can leave you suffering with severe cold or allergy symptoms.

Too much moisture in the air can help mold take root in your home, leading to a wide range of health problems. Simply adding a humidity control device to your HVAC array can maintain healthy moisture levels inside your home, while ventilation systems help you clean moisture from high-risk areas, like your bathroom.

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