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How Can I Add a Gas Line To My House?

How Can I Add a Gas Line To My House?

There are certain home improvements that push the boundaries of DIY, and adding a gas line is one of them.

Charleston-area homeowners are likely to tackle home improvements on their own, but sometimes this can lead to more headaches than hiring a job out. Installing or extending a gas line is a good example of a task that looks simple enough to try a DIY approach. Once you realize how many regulations are in play, however, it's often not worth it.

Consider these potential issues that can result from trying to add a gas line on your own:

Paperwork Pitfalls

In South Carolina, you often need a permit before engaging in risky work like adding gas lines. After installation, you need the approval of a licensed plumber or HVAC pro. In addition, while you won't need a license or insurance to work on your own house, you may be asked to prove ownership and residency before you're awarded a permit. These hoops aren't difficult to jump through, but they do add to your timetable and your costs. Getting ahold of the best materials for the job can also be a hassle.

In contrast, a NATE-certified technician working for a licensed, insured service provider will have no problem starting and completing the work to the satisfaction of your local laws. That benefit alone can be worth the money.

Connection Complications

In addition to these problems, installing the line can be more difficult than you think. Instead of running a line from one appliance to the next, you may have to install a T-valve at the gas main in your home or replace existing line with that of a different size.

There's a certain pride in handling home renovations on your own, but safety and cost may require you to hire a professional. If you're in the market for someone to help with your home improvements, click this link to get in touch with Fogel Services.