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Want to Turn Down the Thermostat? What You Should Know About Fireplace Gas Logs Installation

Want to Turn Down the Thermostat? What You Should Know About Fireplace Gas Logs Installation

Fireplace Gas Logs Installation 101

Gas logs installation mimics the benefits of a traditional fireplace. It’s the perfect solution for when a home is lacking a wood-burning fireplace or for when an existing fireplace is no longer safe to use. Before you shrug off this fossil-fuel burning appliance, pay attention to the following:

Wood-burning fireplaces are expensive to install. Adding a fireplace requires floor supports, a firebox, flue, and an exterior chimney, which includes tearing out interior and exterior walls.

Fireplaces are one of the most sought-after features of homebuyers. You may think the expense of adding a fireplace will be worth it if increases your home’s resale value. Unfortunately, due to the massive construction required, there’s little chance of recouping your investment if you go the traditional route. In contrast, the financial benefits of adding a gas fireplace really pay off.

Gas fireplaces are relatively inexpensive, comfort-control friendly, and safe. A fireplace with gas logs looks, sounds, and can even smell like the real thing. Depending on the device you purchase, you could wind up forgetting it’s not burning wood, except for the level of convenience provided by gas-burning versions.

You avoid the mess and risk of burning wood. You don’t have to worry about flue maintenance (or winged or furry intruders), yearly chimney maintenance, or deal with fluctuating temperatures. With a gas appliance, you are given the ability to control the temperature just as with a furnace or advanced space heater.

Gas fireplaces come in two main varieties: vented and vent-free. Vented units connect with your home’s ductwork to transfer burn-off to the outdoors. They have open flames and often seem more like the real thing. Vent-free versions still run off gas, but they use a filtration system to cut back on indoor pollution. Because of this, there is no open flame and they seem more similar to faux-fireplace space heaters.

Installing a gas-burning fireplace often provides homeowners with the best of both worlds. They get the features they want at a fraction of the price, and don’t have as much upkeep to worry about. While installing one is fairly simple compared to a wood-burning solution, you want to talk to specialists any time you’re accessing your home’s ductwork.

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