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No One Likes Furnace Repair! How to Not Let It Ruin Your Week

No One Likes Furnace Repair! How to Not Let It Ruin Your Week

Thinking you might eventually need furnace repair, or know you need emergency repairs right away?

No one likes having to make an emergency repair call for their furnace, especially in the dead of winter. But for most of us, it’s just an unavoidable and unexpected reality, right?

Actually, you can get your furnace repair handled before the start of the cold season – by getting it checked out as part of preventative maintenance. You can hire a respectable service company to check out your system, and have them perform any recommended repairs. This prevents your comfort from being disrupted by a furnace breakdown during the coldest weather of the year.

Perhaps you didn’t deal with preventative maintenance and are now dealing with a worst case scenario with your furnace repair. What do you do when you’re left without warm air when you need it the most? Call on the experts for emergency repairs.

Emergency Repairs Don’t Have to Cost Extra

While, by and large, HVAC companies charge extra for middle-of-the-night-on-a-weekend calls, select repair shops have pushed that antiquated business model to the side in favor of providing top-rate customer service. These same companies often wrap a free emergency repair visit in with their seasonal maintenance plans, so in the event they miss a problem that pops up later, the expense is shared.

Emergency Repairs May Be Necessary

Hypothermia results when your body burns more heat than it takes from the environment. For the elderly and very young, this can set in quickly and often goes unnoticed until it’s too late. Fast repairs are imperative for homes where vulnerable people are staying.

In the meantime, layering shirts under sweaters and jackets, wearing a warm thick hat and gloves, and even drinking warm beverages will help maintain your body temperature until help arrives.

Knowing you have professionals standing by to be there for furnace repair when you need it most will give you peace of mind.

To schedule furnace repair, contact your local HVAC experts, Fogel Services, day or night.