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Is Commercial Geothermal Heating Feasible for Your Business?

Is Commercial Geothermal Heating Feasible for Your Business?

Why does geothermal heating work so well with business properties?

Geothermal heating equipment is perfectly suited to business properties. Whether you’re running a small shop or a large factory, tapping the heat reserves found underground will keep your building comfortably warm while using very little electricity. It’s no wonder that more and more businesses are turning to geothermal for their heating and cooling needs.

Check out these benefits of commercial geothermal heating:

Enjoy the Quiet

Neighbors, clients, and employees will appreciate the quiet operation of a geothermal system. There are no noisy heating and cooling cycles to contend with, or the hum of a condensing unit. The indoor air is warmed by the circulation of liquid through pipes running into and underneath your business property.

Embrace the Clean

Unlike a gas-burning furnace, an ashy fireplace, or an oil-fueled boiler, geothermal heating systems don’t burn fuel in order to heat your business. In addition to creating less mess and risk for your staff to face, you’re lowering your carbon footprint by making the switch, and in today’s world, green business practices can go a long way in improving your reputation and attracting new clientele.

Expect Long-Lasting Service

While an air conditioner typically lasts 10 years, and a furnace lasts roughly 15 years, a geothermal HVAC system can last 25 years or more. While installation cost is higher than the alternatives, the equipment lasts much longer, using less energy, costing less to operate and creating less waste in the process.

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