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3 Ways Zoning Can Ease You Into Winter Utility Bills

3 Ways Zoning Can Ease You Into Winter Utility Bills

Why does zoning lower your monthly bills?

Traditional heating and cooling services provide a standard temperature goal for your entire home, while zoning assigns different temperatures for different rooms of your house. You use less energy because you’re only using the heat you want, where you want it. It’s also an excellent way of dampening the winter heating bill shock. Follow these tips to keep your energy use stable throughout the year.

1. Reduce energy load during winter.

The easiest way to cut back on your utility bills, regardless of whether you have a whole-home system or zoning, is by having an energy audit performed before the season begins. Getting the opinion of an expert can help you save a lot through the year by pointing out areas that you can spend a little on. These tests require training and specialized equipment, so make sure you work with a reputable business, like Fogel Services.

2. Stop shutting vents.

It can seem like a quick fix, but just shutting the vent to an uncomfortable room could bring trouble you don’t want. Shut vents could lead to a costly situation as it pulls down the efficiency and capacity of your system. The backup created by closing off rooms can seriously damage your heating system. Learning to use temperature controls could be the solution you’re looking for.

If your current thermostats are confusing, it’s time to invest in a new smart or predictive unit instead. These make it possible to easily adjust your temperature from anywhere, or in some cases, rely on a thermostat to adjust itself.

3. Schedule a maintenance visit.

Throughout the year, your ductwork and HVAC equipment are accumulating dust and mold. The inner components experience wear as well, creating build-up of their own. Hiring someone for a regular cleaning not only lowers bills by decreasing airflow resistance, but it also gives a professional technician the opportunity to check for common problems.

The winter months don’t have to bury you in debt. Take a few steps today to maximize the savings of your HVAC zoning. You’ll be more comfortable – and have more to spend on luxuries – all winter long.

Discover more about the benefits of zoning and how to get your HVAC system ready for the cold weather ahead by contacting the experts at Fogel Services.