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Switching to a Gas Furnace? Here are Some Basics on Gas Line Installation

Switching to a Gas Furnace? Here are Some Basics on Gas Line Installation

Do you have the know-how to install a gas furnace or is it better to go with the pros?

With the snow the South has been getting the past few years, switching to a gas furnace could save you money and keep you more comfortable throughout the winter months. Gas is relatively inexpensive, clean to burn, and safe when your equipment is installed correctly. However, when someone makes a mistake during installation, you risk issues like gas leaks and fire, so it pays to ensure you go to the experts when you need help with your gas line installation.

Follow these tips to safely install a gas line for your new furnace:

  1. Call in a professional. Hiring a NATE-certified technician to perform the most important part of furnace installation is a smart move capable of saving your life. If you’re inexperienced when it comes to intermediate level home renovations, do yourself a favor and contact a trustworthy HVAC service to get your upgrades started.

  2. Design your line layout. Figure the amount and type of line you’ll need to run from your existing gas line to your furnace.

  3. Buy appropriate gas fittings. Most natural gas lines come in ½-inch size. Make sure you purchase enough to accommodate roughly 12 inches of overlap. You may want to purchase two lengths of line too, just in case there’s a problem mid-job.

  4. Turn off the gas to your house. Shut off the gas main to your house before starting any work. This is done right at the meter attached to your home, though you may be able to request the gas company have someone handle this job.

  5. Assemble the line. While piecing together your new gas line, it’s essential to seal the threads of your new gas line with glue or tape. This can be done before or while you’re putting it together, but you’ll need to take care it’s done correctly to prevent future gas leaks.

While the process itself is fairly simple, there are highly sensitive elements to installing a new gas line, and unfortunately, making a mistake could make a significant difference in cost and safety. It might be your best bet to hire a technician for all or part of this specialized job.

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