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Why Does My HVAC System Run More Than It Used To?

Why Does My HVAC System Run More Than It Used To?

HVAC maintenance agreements provide property owners with many convenient features, including opportunities to save money. Every time your furnace kicks on during winter, it's using precious resources, kicking out pollution, and adding to your utility costs. What do you do if your furnace is running more than it used to? Before you waste one more dime, call a professional HVAC technician to get started with a maintenance agreement to improve your unit's efficiency.

In the meantime, these are the issues that can lead to an overworking HVAC:

Failing Components

It's very common for a failing thermostat or sensor to cause a system to cycle on and off. A NATE-qualified technician, like those employed by Fogel Services, can detect and solve these problems before they have a major impact on your bills. This is where a maintenance plan really helps. Sign up for seasonal checks so you don't have to deal with more expensive breakdowns when the temperature drops.

Leaking Ductwork

The links of tubing connecting your vents to your furnace may be compromised, leaving gaps where they shouldn't be, and diverting warm air to areas in your home where it isn't needed. Your rooms wind up colder even when you're using more fuel than normal. These gaps can be sealed with tape or putty, but it's a work-intensive project that isn't a good fit for many beginners.

Damaged Insulation

When you buy a home, you don't expect the insulation to go bad, but time makes an impact. Compacted or broken down insulation doesn't do a good job of blocking drafts, which can increase your heating needs. Water can also break down insulation. If the last big storm that blew through caused your roof to leak or if you have an older home, it can help to have your property checked.

The most common reasons behind system cycling can be identified during regular maintenance. Learn more about our maintenance agreements today.