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Is Summer the Perfect Time to Start Planning for Geothermal Heating?

Is Summer the Perfect Time to Start Planning for Geothermal Heating?

Why geothermal heating is the latest trend sweeping Charleston.

Installing geothermal heating may seem like an odd response to the thick heat of a South Carolina summer, but there are good reasons for so many homeowners trying this new option. Set yourself up for a wonderful winter season and beyond. Check out just a few of the biggest benefits you receive from investing in a green heating alternative.

Go Green to Get Green

Geothermal heating isn’t just friendly to the environment. It’s friendly to your bank account as well. According to the EPA, geothermal systems can lower your heating and cooling costs by up to 60% and your water heating bills by up to 90%.

Geothermal Systems Offer Greater Variety

Fogel Services can design a geothermal system tailored to your home. Combine a heat pump with radiant flooring to enhance your comfort. Add a compatible water heater or other form of renewable energy to further lower your bills and your carbon footprint.

Geothermal is Government Grant Friendly

From federal tax credits to community grants for green renovations, plenty of funding is available to help pay for your new system’s installation. Talk to HVAC specialists near Charleston to find out about incentives available in your area.

Contact a NATE-certified technician at Fogel Services about installing geothermal heating in your home before winter kicks in.