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3 Awesome Tips About Air Conditioner Repair You Can Use This Summer

3 Awesome Tips About Air Conditioner Repair You Can Use This Summer

You won’t need air conditioner repair once you put this advice into action.

Homeowners often panic when their air conditioner needs repair. Breakdowns usually occur during times your HVAC equipment is working its hardest, leaving you stranded during a heat wave. It can be hard to keep your cool in those circumstances, but it is essential to make repairs as soon as possible. Cool air can make or break your mood and concentration, so ensure you stay at the top of your game by following these simple tips on air conditioner care and maintenance.

1. Professional preventative maintenance helps you avoid these nasty surprises.

Charleston-area homeowners are known for taking on as many maintenance tasks themselves as possible. People here take pride in being smart and capable, and they do a great job of handling basic maintenance. Unfortunately, when it comes to air conditioners, most of us don’t have the expertise we need to recognize problems before they are catastrophic. Prevent breakdowns by hiring a NATE-certified HVAC technician for an affordable system check. These checks will make sure everything is running smoothly and look for any potential damages from wear and tear, so that a small fix now can prevent a bigger problem later on.

2. Keep your system free of debris to reduce operating stress.

Did you know the EPA rated the average store-purchased filter at just 7% efficiency? Skip cheap (or not-so-cheap) filters found at big box stores, and ask your HVAC dealer for suggestions instead.

The right device can make a big difference in keeping dirt and dust from entering your system. Ensuring drainage tubing is clear of debris, as well as cleaning ductwork and air vents, is equally important. A clean air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard to produce cold air or move it through your home.

3. Call for necessary repairs right away.

HVAC issues closely resemble cavities in that they progress quickly, causing painful problems that get worse with time. The not-so-cold air coming out of your vent or the frequent start-stop cycles you’re dealing with today could require a unit replacement a month from now. Don’t delay air conditioner repair. Get it handled right away by qualified HVAC professions.

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