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2 Real Ways Commercial Air Conditioning Service Affects Your Business

2 Real Ways Commercial Air Conditioning Service Affects Your Business

Why shouldn’t you consider commercial air conditioning service a luxury?

Don’t be fooled into thinking commercial air conditioning service is optional for your business or can be delayed. A lack of cold air drives away customers and drives down productivity. Before your employees start sweating buckets, drum up the resources to get your air conditioner repaired. The results are more than worth the investment. Just look at all the ways cool air makes an impact.

1. Cool Air Fuels Productivity

The invention of air conditioning completely changed the commercial landscape in the United States. It changed normal store hours, the locations of factories, and expected workloads. The phenomenon was widely studied in the 1950s, resulting in mass amounts of data proving cool air’s positive impact on the economy.

For example, one study showed workers in air-conditioned plants were 12 times as productive. Back before air conditioning was prevalent, maps showing economic output showed a high correlation to each area’s average temperatures, showing the impact of air conditioning in commerce.

Today, the fact still remains: people work better when they’re comfortable. Don’t make your employees work through sweat and discomfort all day long. Make sure you have a local commercial air conditioning repair company handy to handle any repairs that come up. Otherwise, you could see your productive employees wilt in the oppressive heat.

2. Cool Air Attracts Business

You don’t have to live long in a Charleston, SC summer before you see why people love air conditioning. There’s nothing like walking inside and feeling immediate relief from the heat and humidity outside. Without proper air conditioning, that step inside is just disappointing.

This is especially true for your business, where you want to win over customers and keep your employees happy. Customers who are hot and sweaty will take their business elsewhere. What would you think of a company that skimped on basics like commercial air conditioning, after all? Likewise, miserably hot employees may become irritable with customers or look for another job.

If you don’t provide your clients and staff with a comfortable working environment, you will experience more financial setbacks than could ever be justified by postponing expensive repairs.

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