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Master the Art of Air Conditioning Troubleshooting with These 3 Tips

Master the Art of Air Conditioning Troubleshooting with These 3 Tips

Can you fix your air conditioning problems all on your own? Try these simple tricks.

No one likes making an air conditioning repair call, only to find out that it was a simple problem that they could have fixed themselves. If you’re a DIY type that enjoys tackling problems on your own, there are a few common issues that lead to an air conditioning breakdown that you can learn to fix in just a few minutes.

So if your cold air has comes to a halt, try these three air conditioning troubleshooting tips before you make the repair call.

1. Check your fuses or breakers.

If you don’t have power, your air conditioning system won’t run. However, you don’t need a full power outage to lose power to your system. Many air conditioners are on a fuse or breaker all its own, so you may not even realize the power isn’t flowing to your unit anymore. If, out of the blue, your air conditioning stops working, be sure to check its power source.

2. Check your filter.

If your filter is too dirty or clogged, it can trigger a safeguard built into most air conditioning units. This safeguard is programmed to shut down the unit if there’s a lot of resistance. This prevents damage and fires in your air conditioning. If your unit is off because the safeguard has been triggered, swapping out the old filter with a new one could get your air conditioning up and running again.

3. Turn your system off, and then turn it back on again.

This is the ultimate troubleshooting tip, and, yes, it can work on air conditioners, too. On the inside of the service panel on many air conditioning models, there are instructions about rebooting your HVAC system. Typically, this involves cutting power and gas to your indoor unit, waiting several minutes, and then turning both of them back on again. Just be sure to follow the instructions that came with your unit exactly to be safe.

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