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Why Should I Zone My Building?

Why Should I Zone My Building?

What one change allows you to save big money on basic commercial services?

The California Energy Commission has thoroughly tested zoned HVAC residential and commercial services in various property types and configurations. The results were astounding. The study left no question that zoned systems save significant amounts of energy, prevent waste, and greatly reduce expenses over the year.

What is HVAC Zoning?

Zoned systems offer true climate control for your property. There's no more one-size-fits-all solution for heating and cooling. Using areas of your building differently changes the heating or cooling they need. With zoning, you can adjust temperature on a room-by-room basis.

Study Results

The CA study observed costs and systems across the state. Over a span of 16 different climate zones, some of which are very similar to the climate here in Ladsen, SC, California's study demonstrated that owners in every single area saved money with zoned climate control. The average savings were upwards of $3000 for the year. Zoned systems provide for even higher savings in an area that has higher highs and lower lows, but they really should be considered a must for every budget-savvy business owner.

Avoid Self-Designed Zoning Systems

In an attempt to get the comfort and financial benefits of zoned systems without the expense, some property owners attempt to mirror the effects by blocking off vents or whole wings of their property. This isn't just ineffective. It damages your existing HVAC system. Heating and cooling depend on appropriate pressure levels to work right. By trying to cut costs, you can increase your expenses by thousands of dollars. Skip DIY zoning, and call in an expert instead.

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