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Don't Let the Lights and Heat Go Out This Halloween! Generator Installation by the Numbers

Don't Let the Lights and Heat Go Out This Halloween! Generator Installation by the Numbers

What do you need to know before considering generator installation?

Generator installation is becoming more common as an increasing number of communities struggle with blackouts every year. Holiday lights and electronic decorations may place a greater strain on public grids around certain times of year. Make sure your home is protected if the public grid fails this Halloween, by investing in a permanent, onsite home generator. A generator keeps your home’s essentials running no matter what.

Generators 1-2-3

Generators can be portable or permanent, but do not confuse the two, as there are significant differences. Attempting to wire a portable generator into your home’s breaker panel could result in deadly consequences. More than one lineman working on public lines has been electrocuted by generators pushing voltage in the wrong direction. Improper usage can also result in fire or other damage to your home.

The good news? Residential and commercial generators have started running more quietly and efficiently in recent years. You can safely run your HVAC system and other essentials during blackouts or severe weather as long as you get a generator capable of providing all the power you need. The first step is determining how much voltage your home needs during peak usage. While there are estimates available online, you really need to discuss your home’s energy load with a professional.

In addition, depending on the model you choose, you may need a professional to install a fuel line during generator installation. Natural gas is a popular option for residential units, as it’s a more convenient alternative to diesel. However, it’s not the best option for every scenario. A qualified technician can help you learn more about the latest generators available in the right sizes for your property.

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