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Want to Change Your Heating and Cooling Bills? Zoning Is the Answer

Want to Change Your Heating and Cooling Bills? Zoning Is the Answer

How does targeted heating and cooling shrink your utility bills?

Controlling heating and cooling on a room-by-room basis helps homeowners keep their monthly expenses low. The process is called “zoning,” and it provides you with maximum comfort. Unfortunately, when installed the wrong way, zoning can only create big problems for your HVAC components.

The airflow through your home, your ducts, and your equipment creates negative and positive pressure loads. It’s essential for homeowners to work with a company employing technicians who are NATE-certified and experienced to account for these pressure loads while delivering the comfort to your home that you are seeking.

Fogel Services Provides Zoning to Charleston Area Homes

Zoning isn’t a particularly new concept. Large, luxurious homes have enjoyed specialized heating upgrades for years. In some instances, these upgrades might include two or more sets of heating and cooling equipment to provide enough comfort for a property. At other times, this means splitting the types of HVAC equipment to address different locations of a home.

DIY zoning aimed at making people more comfortable is fairly common as well. Installing baseboard heat in a basement office or window air conditioning units in an attic are features found in many homes. Unfortunately, these ramshackle methods aren’t very efficient and often struggle to provide adequate comfort.

Still other homeowners close vents and shut doors to keep areas of their home warmer or cooler at a savings. Any HVAC professional with qualified training will tell you this is a problem. When you cut off ventilation to certain rooms in your home, you create a backup similar to traffic building on a highway exit. The pressure your HVAC unit experiences as a result causes damage over time.

In order to design a room-by-room zoning system that is efficient and simple to operate, it’s essential to work with the pros. Contact Fogel Services about a heating and cooling system capable of saving big money and providing customized comfort in each room of your home.