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Understanding the Basics of Commercial Heating and Cooling for Your New Business

Understanding the Basics of Commercial Heating and Cooling for Your New Business

How does commercial heating and cooling differ from residential?

Heating and cooling the office involves major differences from keeping your home comfortable, but it’s just as important. If the temperature is constantly distracting your employees or customers, you’ll earn fewer profits. Here are a few considerations to make when taking on the HVAC setup in a new business:

Focus First on Load Reduction

According to the Small Business Administration, before installing new heating and cooling equipment, business owners should focus on load reduction. How can you reduce the amount of conditioned air you need? From installing cooler lighting systems to tinting windows, some efforts can go a long way in shrinking HVAC needs, which can make up to 40% of your operating costs.

Request Commercial Estimates

Professional HVAC installers can use ACCA Manual N or Manual J estimates to help size your equipment correctly. Residential standards are different from commercial, which often consist of a generous amount of fixtures and equipment generating their own heat.

Ask About Commercial Upgrades

Typically, residential HVAC systems don’t take advantage of system add-ons in the same way commercial setups do. Humidity control, economizers, and evaporative coolers are much more common in commercial heating and cooling – and they can give you a greater level of control over the temperature and climate in your business. Be sure to ask about all of your options and give serious consideration to the components offered.

Invest in Regular Maintenance

From leaky ducts to dirty filters and appropriate refrigerant levels, there are many variables affecting the affordability of your HVAC equipment. You can only win by hiring a professional company with appropriate tools and training to keep things in good shape.

Fogel Services has a staff of NATE-certified technicians well versed in commercial heating and cooling maintenance. Contact us today to enroll in an affordable and efficient maintenance plan.