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No Temperature Control? How Zoning Can Put You Back in Charge

No Temperature Control? How Zoning Can Put You Back in Charge

How can you improve air conditioning right where you need it?

Old homes and large spaces often cause problems for air conditioning. Here and there, you may notice spots you can’t get cool enough. You likely suffer from uneven heat in the wintertime too. Now, you can improve the comfort of your indoor climate at an affordable price by using zoning to create climate zones within your home.

What is a Climate Zone?

Any area in your home serviced by heating or cooling equipment is a climate zone. Most homes have only one zone, along with one thermostat. But it doesn’t have to be this way! We now have the technology to create multiple zones within your home, adjusting your indoor temperature (or humidity) in select locations to create the most comfortable environment possible at the lowest cost.
You don’t turn on all of your lights when you need light in one room. Why generate cool air for an entire house just because of one warm room? Having separate heating and cooling controls for different areas of your home is very similar to having separate light switches around your house. You use the energy you need when you need it, increasing your satisfaction while keeping bills low.

Take back control of the thermostat and your HVAC budget. With a few small adjustments made by the NATE-certified technicians at Fogel Services, you can have heat or air truly on demand.

Discover how zones can improve your comfort and lower your bills by talking to an expert at Fogel Services today.