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Could a Tankless Hot Water Heater Installation Significantly Reduce Your Energy Expenses?

tankless how water heater installation

Heating up water for household purposes is estimated to account for roughly 30% of residential energy expenses, so investing in a tankless hot water heater can significantly reduce your monthly costs. Talking to a Fogel Services technician can give you more information about the best option for your particular situation, but here is a general breakdown of the benefits of going tankless.

Tankless hot water heaters heat water as you need it, rather than keeping hot water continuously stored in a tank. Tankless installations save money on your monthly electric bill as well as reducing your dependency on natural gas. They also take up less space than hot water heaters, provide an unlimited supply of hot water (so you never get stuck in a freezing shower), and have a significantly longer life span than tanks.

Is Your Home a Good Candidate for a Tankless Hot Water Heater?

Since installation can be a little pricey if your home isn’t naturally suited for this heating option, it’s prudent to get an assessment before you commit to a tankless hot water heater. The expert technicians at Fogel Services can give you a detailed breakdown, but take a look at some general guidelines that can be applied to most homes:

  • You might need to upgrade your natural gas line or create a venting system to effectively install the tankless hot water heater. These two factors can represent a significant cost to begin with, but will eventually pay for themselves if you continue using the tankless system to heat your water for years to come. 

  • Another factor to consider is the size of the home you are trying to service. Lag time on water delivery can be significant with tankless hot water heaters if your piping spans a large area. This can be an annoying inconvenience that might contribute to inefficiencies through water loss. 

Overall, tankless hot water heaters can conserve resources and minimize expenses if you do your research and make sure the choice is right for your home.

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