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Split System Air Conditioners

split system air conditioners

Split systems are central to fulfilling our desire to provide our customers with comfort and safety. These systems may be smaller than other options, but they offer a wide array of benefits to you. Split systems promise a high level of efficiency, while delivering improvements in air quality. They are even quieter than other systems, as if you needed more reasons to check them out.

Split systems get their name from the way they are designed. There is an outdoor unit and an indoor unit, which team up to provide the cool you need. One reason for the dual units is that you have all the noisiest components outside, which leaves you inside enjoying all the cool and none of the clatter.

The dual units also help you conserve energy, which means you are saving dollars off your energy bills. And that’s never a bad thing. The units promote better air circulation and also more stable moisture levels, both of which increase the quality of the air within your home.

The best part is they don’t rely on ductwork, which saves you from spending your hard-earned money on installation and maintenance. Without using ducts, your cold air goes straight from the unit to where you need it most. You obtain a high level of efficiency that window units just can’t match.

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