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Radiant Barriers Slash Cooling Costs and Help Homeowners Beat the Summer Heat

radiant barriers

The heat of the midday sun as it shines down on your roof can really drive up the indoor temperature of your home, but with radiant barriers, you can avoid the brunt of the heat.

Just like your parked car in middle of the summer becomes unbearably hot under the sun’s rays, your home can suffer the same overheating if it doesn’t have the proper radiant barrier installation. Radiant barriers are typically installed in the attics of homes. Instead of absorbing the heat, they reflect it. This makes a big difference for cooling units that struggle with efficiency and temperature regulation.

The reflective material of the barrier bounces back the radiant heat while other roofs absorb it. Attics are the ideal space to install these radiant barriers, since the empty air space makes the barriers more effective.

An untreated roof will absorb the surface heat into the interior of your home, meaning your cooling system has to work harder to be less effective. This translates to a bigger bill and a waste of energy resources.

Trust the Professionals When It Comes to Radiant Roofing Barriers

Fogel Services prides itself on employing experts who know the best techniques for installation. Our certification and training mean we have updated knowledge that will yield the best results. The radiant barrier installation is an important process, and can play a big part in reducing your home energy costs.

Radiant barrier installation can take place in an existing home if you have the help of a skilled professional with experience and certified training. But it’s typically easier to design radiant barriers into the construction of a new home. If the goal is to reduce your energy costs and improve the efficiency of your cooling system, get more information about the potential of radiant barriers in your residence.

Call Fogel Services today at 843-832-8976 to get more information about radiant barriers.

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