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Packaged Systems

packaged systems

It’s all in the name: one package that supplies your home with both an efficient heating and cooling system. All you need to stay comfortable, all year long, in one unit. Imagine the space you’ll save by not having that second unit, your yard will be seem so much larger. But really, would you rather have more HVAC equipment than necessary?

A packaged system combines an air conditioner with a heat pump, which varies in size based on the needs of the property. These systems can cater to a single room up to an entire home or office.

To complement the savings in space that a packaged system will provide, the unit quickly becomes a cost-effective option. Because it uses less energy than two separate systems, you can save money on your heating and cooling – and start seeing those savings almost as soon as you turn it on! Through obtaining a packaged system that is exactly the right size for your home, you can experience energy efficient HVAC usage all year long.

We have the resources, equipment, and service to assist you with any cooling issues you may have. Fogel technicians can help you determine the needs of your situation, and present the solutions that best meet your situation.

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