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Fogel Services Stands By the Products and Services We Provide with Maintenance Agreements for Our Customers

maintenance agreements

Maintenance agreements are just one of the many ways in which Fogel Services prioritizes peace of mind for our customers. Making a big purchase can leave anyone feeling nervous, but our team stands by the products we offer. A maintenance agreement covers the basic upkeep and ensures a good life for the system in question.

You don’t have to worry that you’ve made an unreliable investment or a bad purchase. We hold our HVAC systems accountable to show that Fogel Services is confident in the products we supply and the services we provide.

Fogel Services will provide a qualified technician to inspect your air conditioning and heating equipment. This covers two inspections and cleaning of coils for the continued and proper operation of heating and cooling systems. It’s standard to cover and replace any warranty parts that fail when the equipment is still under warranty.

Maintenance agreements cover your recommended annual inspections. This periodic preventative work can significantly extend the life of your product and improve the integrity of its performance over time. Fogel Services and our technicians are committed to making sure you get the most out of your investment.

Maintenance agreements also qualify participating customers for priority service. Fogel Services technicians believe in treating our customers fairly and honestly. For a one-time fee (not including labor), our maintenance experts will provide high quality professional upkeep on purchased systems. This will protect these systems from basic inefficiencies, keep home temperatures well regulated, bring energy costs down, and keep you satisfied.

Fogel Services provides some of the highest rated and top-of-the-line products to our customers, which means the life span of this equipment is already above average. To further improve that life expectancy, consider getting regular maintenance on a continuing basis.

For more information about the maintenance agreements that we at Fogel Services offer with new equipment and installation, call 843-832-8976 today.

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