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Unfortunately, a common byproduct of residential heating systems is dry air. That sounds like a small price to pay to be comfortably toasty during winter, but there are serious side effects of dry air. Throat and nasal irritation, congestion, and even dry and itchy skin can result from living with dry air. Humidifiers allow you to add moisture back into the air you breathe, allowing respite from these common ailments.

Through using a humidifier, you can lessen the load of your HVAC system by helping it not work as hard. Air with more humidity holds more heat than drier air. This means that humidified air becomes easier to heat and easier on you to breathe. Another benefit is that as moisture is reintroduced to air, the air seems warmer than it is, so you are less likely to turn up the thermostat even higher – which saves you money on your heating bills.

Tired of the dry wintry air in your home? Check out the humidifiers that we have and don’t forget that we are here to help you with any cooling or heating needs that you encounter.

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