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Heat Pumps

A heating method that isn’t overkill for a Southern winter, but simply delivers the warmth or cool you need, heat pumps combine the best of heating and cooling in a single unit. For areas that experience mild winters and warmer months, heat pumps may be the effective option you are looking for. Heat pumps don’t rely on fuel, but electricity - which offers you a chance to save on your utility bills.

Because they run on electricity, it’s easy to see that heat pumps operate differently than other heating options. Users don’t have to pay to heat the air in their homes, only to move warm air to where it is needed most. Without converting fuel to heat, operation costs are much lower than traditional heating options.

In the winter months, the heat pump will pull heat out of the air or ground and circulate that through your home. They do exactly the opposite during the summer, as the heat is pulled from indoors and pushed out.

Heat pumps replace the need for having both a heating and air conditioning unit, and through operation supply the same end result more efficiently.

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