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Geothermal Uses Natural Energy Sources to Create Sustainable Power in Your Home or Office

geothermal installation and service

Geothermal installation and services might have more to do with your energy future than you’d think. What is the most cost-efficient, energy-efficient, and environmentally clean way to produce power in your home? If you’d like to find a method for heating and cooling your home or business that combines all these qualities, geothermal is the answer.

Current technology can produce unlimited, inexpensive heating and cooling power – using completely renewable resources. These systems provide the majority of energy in your house, all without using fossil fuels. In addition to lowering your utility bills, you will be taking a positive step to help the environment.

Is it any surprise that geothermal energy is increasingly popular?

Most geothermal systems include a heat pump that works to heat and cool your home or business with the slightest adjustment from a thermostat. There’s also an available extension that can heat water without requiring the use of a hot water heater. Another great feature is that maintenance on a geothermal system is minimal, as the unit is protected from the elements when it gets installed in the ground.

Fogel Services technicians have geothermal expertise; we can help design a system specifically for the energy demands of your home or office. You'll see significant cost savings on your energy bills, and an impressive return on your investment. Taking steps to become self-sufficient and self-sustainable in your energy needs is extremely empowering for many home and business owners. 

If you’re ready to save money and help the environment at the same time, it’s time to look into all the benefits that geothermal power can offer. Give Fogel Services a call at 843-832-8976 to learn more about geothermal installation and services.

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