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Considering Geothermal Systems for Your Home or Business Might be the Best Idea You Have This Week


People consider switching to geothermal as a heating and cooling source in their homes and businesses for two reasons. First, financial: they’re fed up with paying outrageous utility bills. Watching the monthly expenses get higher and higher, watching their equipment get more and more inefficient. It’s maddening! Second, they want to take initiative and be greener. Many customers would like to know they are reducing their carbon footprint and being better to the world we all live in.

Either way, geothermal is a win-win energy alternative for customers and the environment. Transferring sun-generated heat energy from the earth and using that to power your house is a great feeling. As if it weren’t enough, geothermal is versatile. You can also install radiant in-floor heating from your geothermal system. Cold floors on those bitter winter mornings are a thing of the past! You can also enjoy unlimited hot water with the addition of a geothermal water-heating component.

Fogel Services technicians know that the benefits of geothermal power don’t end there. Customers can also save significantly on a monthly basis. Installing a geothermal system might be more expensive than traditional systems, but the regular savings on your utility bills will quickly recoup your investment.

Residential geothermal energy is almost completely maintenance free. This extremely dependable energy source will keep you satisfied for a long time to come. It’s a green alternative, it’s dependable and cost-effective, and there are also tax breaks available in most areas for homeowners who take the plunge. Rebates for green energy systems are a great incentive if you are on the fence about committing to geothermal.

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