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Gas Furnaces

gas furnaces

This is one area of HVAC that has evolved leaps and bounds over the years. No longer are furnaces dated and ineffective. Older gas furnaces were often acknowledged as inefficient as users had to cope with higher energy bills.

That is simply no longer the case. Modern gas furnaces run off of propane or natural gas, allowing for lower utility costs while maintaining the level of warmth you desire for your home.

Gas furnaces today are, in fact, so efficient and environmentally friendly that many qualify for tax credits upon installation. Imagine how much you will save with a more efficient furnace that warms your home more cheaply and quickly. Add in the federal and state tax credits that you could possibly qualify for, and you can’t lose.

See if Fogel Services, Inc. can help you save while you heat your home this winter. We are there to help keep you comfortable, and our technicians are standing by to help with any heating or cooling issues. If you feel that a gas furnace might be what your home needs, let us walk you through the process and simplify the transition.

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