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Residential Furnace Inspection

How to tell if your heating and air conditioning equipment isn’t measuring up.

The biggest portion of your utility bill goes toward heating and air conditioning, depending on the season. At the height of winter, you may be spending in excess of 60 percent of your energy costs to keep your home comfortable. Systems use more energy than they need for all kinds of reasons. See if your unit is causing a problem.

Look for these tell-tale signs that your furnace is unnecessarily burning through your budget:

Your system is constantly running.

Once you set the thermostat in your home, your heater should pump out warm air for a set amount of time until the temperature is reached. It isn’t expected to run all the time. Make certain your thermostat is set to “heat” or “auto” instead of “fan.” If it continues to run non-stop, call in a NATE-certified technician.

Your system is constantly cycling on and off.

Typically, there is a half hour or more of wait time between your heater shutting off and then on again. If you find your unit is heating or resting in short bursts, you may have an inefficient system or a furnace that is too large for your home’s needs.

Your energy usage is much higher than neighboring properties.

Are your bills unusually high? Don’t take for granted that your neighbors are paying the same rates. Call your utility company and ask how the usage in your home compares with neighboring properties. Oftentimes, this information is sent out with your bill. If you’re using much more energy than is normal for your area, there’s likely an HVAC problem.

Schedule service for your heating and air conditioning equipment today, and increase your unit’s efficiency. Customers in Charleston, Dorchester and Berkeley counties can count on Fogel Services to lower their winter bills. Visit us online or call 843-832-8976 to make an appointment.

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